Catoosa,OK 1993 Tornado Video

Jun 11, 2004
A friend of mine gave me some video and I found it interesting enough to put on my web site. The first part of the video is from a police car video cam while he was on hwy44. You can't see the actual tornado but the video gets pretty wild, baseball sized hail and billboards coming down. The second part is home video and you can see the tornado and some transformers blowing. There is a long version and a short version of the clips in my video clip section:
First vid I've got to see, Thanks Charles

Power flashes viewable in both videos.

I sure wish he had topped the hill(about 177th) maybe could have seen what exactly did this

This is about the area at the end of the patrol car vid
here and here
Charles, thanks for posting the video link! That was an incredible storm...not many people actually got a good look at it, so it was nice to see the shape of the tornado in the video.