Canon Rebate Fun

I bought a digital Rebel last month and a good lens, products which qualified me for a $250 rebate. I sent in all the photocopies and box cutouts and UPC codes and secret decoder rings right away, and checked the status of my rebate this last Tuesday. The status showed that I was "noncompliant" and that a $100 check had been sent, with further instructions to follow. The page claimed I hadn't enclosed a photocopy of the warranty card.

Now, I'm more positive that I sent this warranty card (along with the other materials) than I am the sealed transcripts with my graduate school applications. I checked over these materials four or five times before I sealed that envelope. I had a checklist of their requirements and everything was in there. It was all in there.

So I called the rebate center Wednesday morning and actually reached a representative willing to help. Her name was Rose, and she quickly looked over my materials (I'm assuming these had been scanned and placed online for phone agents to access) and concluded that the noncompliance should be overruled. She put in to have my missing $150 sent immediately.

While she was doing this, I could hear other phone agents in the background arguing with their callers, asking things like "Well, how long ago did you send it in?" "Are you sure that was the same product?" Blah blah blah. I could hear the combative tone of phone agents accustomed to long days of debate, like credit and collections specialists. And it was only eight o'clock in the morning! I know this world from past job experience, and these folks can be some salty opponents.

I expect the company that handles Canon's rebates uses only one large call center. As I said, I called on Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM ET. Chances are high that Rose works the morning shift on Wedensdays each week. If anyone else is dealing with Canon rebates and gets the shaft, I highly recommend asking for this specific woman when you call. Tell them you already have an issue pending with her, whatever it takes to get transferred.
Not the first i've heard of this... I saw one or two posts on dpreview not too long ago about non-compliance. Makes me wonder if they mistyped the rules somewhere so not everyone is on the same plate?