Canon 20d vrs the Canon Rebel XT (aka 350)

bill mudd

Jul 2, 2004
laguna beach california
ok now the showdown - is the 20D$1400 vrs the Rebel XT $700(aka350) really worth the extra$$$ if so why? (BODY ONLY)

Ive been told that the main difference is the ability to shoot 5 shots per second VRS 3 shots per second...ANY THOUGHTS AS iM GETTING READY TO PULL THE TRIGGER WITH THIS DEAL...QUALITY?

ALSO - LENS 17/40 VRS 10/22 ????

this camera is gonna be dedicated for stormchase&lightening shots
I'll look at it from a chasing point of view...

17-40 vs 10-22
10 is wider, but the 17-40 beats it in pretty much every area. That said, the 10-22 is still a decent lens. If I had the $$, I'd purchase it.

20D vs Digi Reb XT
Go to a store and handhold them. The digi reb is simply too small for my hand (although I would use it if I had too!).

20D is built better... and has a brighter viewfinder... both plusses for chasing.
Larger buffer, and FPS goes to the 20d. A possible benefit for chasing for rapid tornado sequences (although were pushing it at this point!).

That said, if it comes down to a fixed budget, I'd rather purchase a lower model body and get better glass. Glass is a better investment than the body.