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Canadian Prairies Wild Weekend/weather hype

States of emergencies have been issued for more places at one time than I can remember around here. Tornadoes have been reported all over Saskatchewan over the past few days and in Manitoba a train was knocked off its tracks and huge trees were uprooted from as many as three tornadoes early this morning. Reports of a kilometer wide tornado near Cadilac, SK. on Friday and many more tornadoes (Dave Carlson caught 3). Saturday morning Melville, SK had 400 flooded homes from 100mm of rain in 40 minutes...


...another tornado hit the city of North Battleford last night and damaged homes but no injuries luckily.

...then there's the flooding in Alberta...


...oh and I just found this too:


We have major situation here with the river rising and flood warnings issued. Meanwhile the Ontario storm chase group is buzzing with the hype over a story that has made its way into pretty much every paper in Canada about reckless storm chasers. I think the media is licking their lips hoping for hype!

Well here's some more hype:


btw people have been sandbagging a trailer park south of the city today and the radio station was calling for more volunteers.

take care all,

This hype is no worse then anything i ever seen on any other chaser list
or forum for that matter.Media just loves seeing this kind of reaction.
Most folks on eather side of the border,that are on this and other list
know what were doing.Lets quite giving them a reason to whrite more
stuff about us and cool our jets,,,other wise the whole thing is going to
crash an burn.What happend to just loving the storms?