Can diaper gel stop hurricanes? What tha......?

This has been discussed some in some member threads in the past. The short form is:

1. You'd need an incredibly huge amount of the stuff;

2. You'd have to deal with the environmental consequences of a bazillion tons of goo;

3. By the time the hurricane has released the atmospheric latent heat as cloud and precipitation you're rather late in the thermodynamic cycle to affect it very much.
Will people never learn?

Every time I hear of someone's idea to "stop hurricanes," I roll my eyes. None of these innovators seem to realize that they are dealing with a system far more sophisticated & powerful (in terms of energy released) than scientists can even dream of creating. Don't take my word for it, view the evidence:

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but it astonishes me how many people fail to understand that hurricanes are natural phenomenons, that they have been around since the earth had water & atmosphere, and that attempting to stop or control nature always results in consequences that are often worse than the original problem. The best we can do-- study severe weather, work on accurate forecasting, and give ample warning time.

Seriously, he thought diaper gel would stop the forces of nature? It hurts my head to think about a world filled with people like that.

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And if it would happen to work...who can honestly say that this wouldn't remove something important from the atmosphere? Hurricanes may be very important to earth and its gas envelope.

It's a bit tricky to mess with something humans don't fully understand... and never will completely!