camcorders videos and more video question here

I used my minolta cameras for quite a few years. However I got a kodak 290 digita and started to use just that for stormchasing.When I went to Africa to see my 7th total solar eclipse I went just with video and my my digital camera. Things worked out great and I even has my picture of the June 2001 eclipse in Astronomy magazine.

I use my kodak 290 (about 3.5 megapixel) , minolta dimage 7i (5 megqapxiel bought on ebay) , Panasonic 901 dv and canon zr25. The 290 has served me well when Doug Raflik had some great shots in June 2001 in Texas of great wallfloud and other features.
My 901 did well too- its older got from ebay . It is not 3ccd (would like to get someday) but about 1.5 and takes nice videos.

I am able to take very good videosnaps using my imovie software (final cut express I will try in the future. I got two tornadoes and videotaped them on May 29 near St. Joseph ,. MO and snaps of the video etc are up on my website.

Meanwhile, where can I find an equipment piece to stand a video up inside the car while driving. I have seen them but I have no idea where to find them, how much they cost.

Questions on this as well on video, camcorders and more welcome.

Dr.Eric Flescher ([email protected]),Olathe, KS -Storm Satori-
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