buying equipment is one thing what about install

How is the equipment installed

  • Do it yourself

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  • Hire it out

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  • Start yourself then throw in the towel

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  • Other

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Tim Wakefield

So I have helped many people with installs and this past spring I helped a chaser out of Mankato, MN wire up his car. To be honest it was the best challenge so far that I have gotten to work with. I was just curious how everyone solves this install issue (proffesional quality installs of course).

I would actually love to help more of you chaser folk with your questions or full isntalls let me know how I can help.

Here is a list of all the stuff I put in his car:
-Whalen Strobes (integrated into front and rear OEM lights)
-LED Light bars (inside rear window)
-Communication radios
-Self-charging secondary battery system (24+hr reserve capacity)
-Weather station (mounted via roof rack)
-Power inverter to allow for 120VAC equipment
-Laptop station (base, gps, XM weather, and wireless internet)
-Switch panel to allow full control of acessories
-Fuse panel to insure safety of all systems

Also the media coverage link :)

Thanks for the feedback!!