BREAKING NEWS: The end of an era: dedicated, manned wx obs!!

Hey gang,

Bad news...

I just got word last night that on October 1, 2006, the weather observers
that also augment/quality check ASOS observations at major airport
facilities (for those who understand: "A" and "B" level sites)...are gone.
The FAA has decided that airport tower personnel will take over the
observations on that date, in a cost-cutting move. Those who are dedicated
weather observers at these airports are now venting on this message board:

Look at the post labelled:

"FAA looking to cut for the FY07 budget ...."

And all the ones more current than that.

This means that ASOS observation quality checking/augmenting will be
controlled by people who have a more important responsibility...landing
airplanes. And you better believe they won't have time to augment or fix a
bad observation during bad weather! When sleet, hail, tornadoes, rapidly
changing visibility or precipitation are occurring (along with snowfall
accumulation and rate amounts, eg, "SNOINCR 3/12"), don't expect to see that
consistently in the observations anymore, if at all. ASOS can't handle it,
and the flight controllers probably won't have the time, unless the airport
is closed, and even will be very hit or miss depending on what is
happening in the tower.

A friend of mine who works part time as an observer at a major airport in
Chicago was just officially told by his boss that he's done as of 10/1/06,
along with all of his colleagues there.

There goes flying safety, and our climate database....right out the window.
YIKES... :x :x :x :x :x :x
Anything official from anyone? So far all I can find is "we are hearing" and "the rumormill says" -- which makes it impossible for anyone to mount an effort if there's no source of the information...