Apr 15, 2005
Upper Midwest
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I am wondering if people have ever used the 'billmelater' option on B&H or on any other website. I'm looking at purchasing some equipment from B&H and every time I browse their site, the "bill me later" option looks more and more tempting - especally since you get 90 days to pay it off with no interest.

What I am looking for, is after I read the FAQ's about, this looks "Too Good To Be True." and in keeping with the words of my father, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

I want to know if anyone has used this option, and if getting 'Credit' is like filling out a credit card app (really easy) or like trying to buy a new car/house (pain-in-the-you-know-where), and if the credit they give you is useable. (C'mon, we're all looking at photo equipment here, we all know it isn't cheap!) Do you need to have a credit score of over 720 to get it, or can someone with a mid 600 credit score (where most of America is) get it.

I've looked around the internet, and I can't really find any 'bad' reports about billmelater. I've found some where the issue has been with the vendor, but in looking at a company with B&H's reputation, it's very hard to pass up an option such as this.

It really seems too good to be true, but if it means instead of saving for 5-6 months and THEN getting my camera, or getting my camera now before chase season and getting to figure out all the features, then well...I believe I know what most of us would chose. :)


Heh. Just got off the phone with BML customer service. America West Airlines offered BML 3-month no-pay, no-interest last summer for some tickets that I would be getting reimbursement on after the trip. Good deal, and it worked out fine.

Well AWA offered the same thing (or so I thought) for a similar trip this fall. I ignored the first bill because the three-month period wasn't up yet. The next bill came with a late charge because AWA had "changed" the plan to require a minimum payment. Anyway, BML has forgiven the late charge and I'll pay the full balance at the appropriate time. NYK.