Big Sandstorm

Mar 3, 2004
Mt Prospect, IL
It came like a thief in the night. I've never seen visibility drop that quickly. It lasted from 2am to abot 6pm. The sky and lanscape was a horrible brownish yellow color. It allowed the enemy to lob mortars and set bombs up from a closer distance to the base. They attacked at noon, fortunately nobody was hurt and nothing got hit. Maximum firepower and zero results. A storm like this hasn't happend since the day I got to Iraq. I will post some pictures of the scene soon.
Glad no one was hurt from the attack! Sand storms can be quite a sight. In phoenix they will not last as horribly long but you will be able to see the wall of dust coming. At night the city can give it this kinda spooky glow. The visibility will drop and your eyes hurt just look around outside because of all the sand in the air.
The city lights here have an eerie glow around them all the time, from the air quality. That storm was something else though, I wish it hit during the day so I could have seen the big'ol haboob as it rolled in. It stopped the new Iraq's "forefathers" from discussing the Constitution that day.
I can only imagine.

Here's an example of a more mild one coming into Phoenix. I have seen them much higher, darker and more ominous. Many times they come with the blowing sand and make lightning photography interesting (gives the pictures a wine color as well). It's a weird feeling to stand there and look up at the vertical dust wall just before it overtakes you. One time I was standing on a mountain and Scottsdale "disappeared".