Best Truck Stop

I was talking with some people at work the other day about roads trips when the I-70 trek from Denver to Kansas City was brought up. I made mention of how I always stop at Mitten's Truck Stop in Oakley (Exit 76) for a steak meal.

So I though I'd pass that topic on and ask all of you.. all of us on the road, I'm sure there is a place you stop at when you're in the area. Recommend a few, too.. Oakley's a good stop for me, but I know of a couple places out here, too!

So share, and maybe drool! :p
Reeeeely Bad Dining Experience, Rip Griffin TS at US24 exit, Limon, CO.

Reeeeely Good Dining Experience, Flying J TS, in "downtown" Limon, CO (198 Main St.).