Best Tone-ado Audio Capture

Jan 8, 2005
Huntsville, Alabama
This idea came to me while posting on a voice-over mic thread recently.

Being a musician, I am interested in ambient sound enviroments and their capture. As a long-term but still tornado-less chaser, I have enjoyed hearing tornado sounds in some of the chase tapes and DVDs I've purchased over the years. The example of Tim Marshall and Gene Rhoden sharing their under-the-bridge misadventure plays wonderfully on my studio system.

In recognizing that still and video imagery is of deservedly greater importance to the majority of chasers, I suggest that raw audio be primarily considered--not heavily modified by post-production hardware or software--with extra points awarded for successfully dealing with mic wind-buffeting. Exclamations and profanity from chasers and bystanders should not be considered a detraction.

Please limit submissions to actual chase video, not encounters by non-chasers such as those featured on the TVC series.

Originally I thought to post this as a poll, but it became clear that I lack too many of the chase recordings available on the ST Marketplace to make it viable. So--I appeal to those of you who have exchanged with other chasers to post your top-ranked tornadic tones.

Dave Gallaher
Huntsville, AL