Best software for my Vantage Pro?

Dec 6, 2003
Brookshire, TX
If you have been here awhile, you know I have been cussing my version of WeatherLink (5.51). I want to be able to download my data to Weatherunderground, but even the patch for this version won't let me do it (thanks to Austin Ivey who tried to help me last time I messed with it).

So, I give up and am looking for another program to get me live online.
Suggestions? (inexpensive as possible, please!)
I am using Weatherlink and uploading to wunderground with no problems.

I think you just need to upgrade your software to v5.6. I'm pretty sure I had v5.5 and was able to download a free upgrade. I never liked any of the after market software. Seemed like they just had too many features so I stuck with the Davis software.

Software can be downloaded here as long as your have an earlier version:

If you are having problems with the configuration I may be able to help you out. The problem is that I am out of town until the 24th. PM me after that if you still need help.

I also downloaded a small program that allows Weatherlink to run in the background and hides the icon in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop.
try to check this one:
I have it and its an excelent software for creating useful graphs and other stuff. There is a link on my website "weather station Zirje" where you can see stuff made with it.

can you tell me where can I get that software to minimize WeatherLink into a right corner, that would be helpful thing.