Best or your choice of tire?

Im ready to replace the tires on my Subaru Outback and I need to do some research on what to buy.

Anyone have a particular model/brand they like?

For me specifically Im looking for something with all weather capability but especially good marks in wet weather traction. Ride comfort, noise, etc are lower priorities.

I could just walk into the tire store and ask the same question but Im afraid Im going to get whatever brand and make of tire they have on sale.
Is that a car or suv or what. If its an suv/truck, i like my Goodyear Wrangler rt/s tires,but they are abit high for 245-75-16's at about 125 a tire. My personal thought is too avoid firestone at all cost. Weve had 3 blow out on our ambulances at work and i was in it with a patient when it happened once. Scared the hell out of me.
I have been using Douglas Touring tires from Walmart for some time now and very happy with them. 3 sets on 3 chase vehicles so far. Reason I buy them at walmart, is because with the road hazard warranty, you can get a tire fixed or replaced and almost any decent sized town with a superwalmart in chase alley. Unlike buying them at a local tire store where you may have difficulty getting warranty work in BFE, KS.

Those handle well on wet roads, have good mileage wear and have a comfortable and quiet ride.
I'll agree with drummond there, we have those on my wife's 98 grand prix, nice ride and decent wear so far.
I'll go along with the Douglas touring tires. I've got 4 on my T-bird and they have done quite well for me. I have good control in the rain, and its a smooth ride (it'd be better with new shocks, but that requires $$). I'd definitely recommend touring tires over passenger tires...they're wider. I also like the warranty, as David mentioned.

I personally recommend Michelin tires. I had a set of street tires on my 95 4x4 Ford pickup and they handled like a dream. (Even with its beefed up RV suspension and before a nader turned it into a pancake ;) ) My grandfather has had a set of them on his 2wd GMC for about 2 1/2 years now and thier still going strong. (He travles 60 miles round trip Mon-Fri) If it wasn't for the fact I need an aggresive tire while out farming/hunting, (Wild Country TXR Radials) I would throw another set of them on for sure!

Good luck!

Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revos :D

I have them on my Montero Sport and love them. Haven't had any problems with them and they ride well on all surfaces.
Like Nick said, go for a set of Michelin's. They are the best tire you can buy.
Another vote here for Michelins. Had them on my old T-bird and now have a set on the Dodge Durango. Great tire that's quiet which is tough to get on an SUV.
Never had issues with Michelins. My family and I have been using them on pretty much every car we have ever owned. I have a set on my van, they do a great job.
Don't know if you get them in the States, but I am using Fulda Tramp 4X4H which are very good on highways, virtually no noise when cornering but work well off Road size is 255-60 15 they are a M+S tire .
They replaced my old Mastercraft Avenger G/T and are much better .
BTW vehicle is Suzuki Vitara 3 Door hardtop will post pic sometime.
I decided on Geolanders by Yokohama after reading survey results from actual drivers. They are as good as Michelin at about half the price. Reviews URL: shipped to a local dealer who mounted and rotated the tires. I will always buy tires this way.