Best Mobile VHF/UHF Antennas

Feb 11, 2006
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Maybe some of us could post personal chase favorites and prospective antennas.

I recently discovered the Diamond NR22L 2m whip and am considering it with a mag mount. The antenna is 97 inches in height but you get an amazing 6.2dB of gain. Combine that with a classic chaser radio like the Icom V8000 and you have a pretty killer mobile setup, instead of talking the usual 10 - 12 miles you could probably get 20+ miles out of this. The only thing I would worry about is lightning (it is pretty tall!) and overhead objects such as trees, power lines and the occasional bird when you consider that most SUV's and vans are around 75 - 80 inches in height without anything on their roof.

75 watts with 6.2dB gain = 190.641 watts ERP


Another antenna which I think is great that I have actually tried (unlike the one above) is the Wilson 2m 5/8 whip. It comes as a full kit like any of the wilson CB antennas and sells for $30 - $50 plus it is only 53 inches tall so you will not be hitting all sorts of things.

75 watts at 3.4db gain = 100 watts ERP


A great tri band antenna is the NR2000NA by Diamond which covers 2m/70cm/23cm and is only 39 inches tall! The antenna also some really good gain figures. You get 3.15 dB on 2m, 6.3 dB on 70cm, and 9.7 dB on 23cm. The antenna is very rigid (not a whip) and very stable.


Finally, last but not least as far as strictly dual-band whips go try things like the Workman made models and Cushcraft models but beware, only buy stainless steel products and never pay more than $60 for the complete unit with magnet included. At times it can be really hit and miss so beware with the cheaper models.