Best Martian Dust Devil Movie To Date

Wow, how very cool is that? :D Wonder what that forward speed was? Looked like they were really moving :shock:
Need to learn more about these sweeties!! Wonder how much data is out there? Would it not be totally awesome to somehow have a team out there getting surface data, video, all the fun stuff? And yes, I would volunteer in a heartbeat!!!!!

That's really incredible. Might the wind speed be much higher because of the fact that air molecules are much farther apart, or might the somewhat lesser gravity combined with fine dust allow for a dust devil to exist with a much lesser wind velocity.

Then my mind goes to the much colder surface temp there. Your standard dust devil is a surface heating event.

Hmm.. requires further study on my part! Thanks! :p :wink:
I'm curious, do the rovers provide any meteorological data? If not, is anyone aware of any future attempts to do so? I know that we did send the Climate Observatory, but the probe didn't make it.