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Matteo Calzà

Hi guys

Do you remember me ?

In the last few months I was very busy, so I didn't write more here.

But right now I'm back to notify you this small reportage on the nice snowfall that happened 3 days ago here in my town (and all northern Italy).

As I said in the reportage, here the snow in march is quite normal, but not of this kind (dry, frozen, "powder-ish" and falling by -1°C/-2°C).

Ok, now we can wait the firsts thunderstorms, and with my new digicam I can wait to grab the first arrow :wink:

Welcome back!

Benvenuto indietro Matteo! Come è fare del tempo in vostra Italia bella? Avete cicloni come abbiamo nei nostri S.U.A.? NO? Il anyway di vergogna..., dà il benvenuto a indietro!

Link below for those who don't understando Italian:

Welcome back!! LJK. 8)
Hi Larry

Tnx :wink:

Well, here we have not so extreme climate/weather like in the U.S., but anyway Italy has got wild weather too, above all here in the north where tornadoes, blizzards, fog, snow, supercell, hail etc are quite normal through the year. 8)