Are you asking how to add an avatar?

If so, go to User CP, then click on Edit Avatar. I don't know if ST is allowing avatar uploads, so your best bet is to upload your image somewhere else and link to it.
You guys don't have a "Custom Avatar" box under the delete avatar field? If not, then I'll bow out to let Tim answer... Interestingly enough, I do see an avatar in Josh's Profile, though it doesn't show up in these posts.
The only panel I get when I bring up the "Avatars" info is this:

"Your Current AvatarNo Avatar Specified Avatars are small graphics that are displayed under your username whenever you post.
Do not use an avatar
Note: if you have a custom avatar selecting this option will delete it."​

There is no option to add one - the only box to check is already checked and it says "do not use an avatar".

I feel a bit naked without my sunglasses. :cool:

Something's still not quite right Tim. I'm trying to upload a jpeg that's 90x68 and 18kb in size but keep getting an error message saying "This is not a valid image file".

EDIT: Works now that I've uploaded it to a photo hosting site but wouldn't work when I was trying to use it while it was on my computer.
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annoying avatars

I'm with Mr. Ozanne on this one, some avatars (specifically GIF's with several images) are to distracting while trying to read complex or even simple weather forecasts/reports or any readin in general!

perhaps a few limitations or a policy wouldn't hurt...

Tony L's GIF being the exception of course, because it is not annoying!
Yes, some animated GIF's are more annoying than others. Maybe this whole thing will resolve itself without having to make any new policies.