Australian Season Slideshow

Mar 19, 2004
Mt Warrigal, NSW, Australia
Inspired by Skip's 2004 slideshow I have put together a show of my chases and lightning photos from over here, from July 2004 - present

You won't find any tornadoes, but the photos are very good and the result in medium 640 x 480 resolution is very pleasing.

The larger version is much, much better if you have the bandwidth,

22.5 mb version -

Smaller 320 x 280 version

4.2mb -

I also have a cople of timelapse videos - bear in mind that I have rather antiquated Hi 8 equipment.

The first is a rotating wall cloud at Nyngan, NSW, December 8th 2004, roughly 6X ( I think ). To be honest there is stuff on Mike Hollingshead's DVD that rotates just as fast in real time. The video is further spoilt as I had locked the exposure too dark. None the less the wall cloud is impressive by Aussi standards. It also demonstrates that something is fundamentally wrong with Australian supercells - correct me if I am wrong, but watch this clip in a mirror and tell me if it was on the plains would you be expecting a funnel to drop.


Lastly, another timelaspe of a suspect looking updraft from the previous season - the lowering was not a funnel from what I saw.