Australian Season Slideshow

Inspired by Skip's 2004 slideshow I have put together a show of my chases and lightning photos from over here, from July 2004 - present

You won't find any tornadoes, but the photos are very good and the result in medium 640 x 480 resolution is very pleasing.

The larger version is much, much better if you have the bandwidth,

22.5 mb version -

Smaller 320 x 280 version

4.2mb -

I also have a cople of timelapse videos - bear in mind that I have rather antiquated Hi 8 equipment.

The first is a rotating wall cloud at Nyngan, NSW, December 8th 2004, roughly 6X ( I think ). To be honest there is stuff on Mike Hollingshead's DVD that rotates just as fast in real time. The video is further spoilt as I had locked the exposure too dark. None the less the wall cloud is impressive by Aussi standards. It also demonstrates that something is fundamentally wrong with Australian supercells - correct me if I am wrong, but watch this clip in a mirror and tell me if it was on the plains would you be expecting a funnel to drop.


Lastly, another timelaspe of a suspect looking updraft from the previous season - the lowering was not a funnel from what I saw.


Dude awesome music. threw me for a loop at the end but i like all the styles you put in there. The pictures were great too :D.
Nicely done, Michael. Australia sure is more photogenic than Illinois.

That same photogenic landscape come to haunt you out chasing. If the lack of tornadoes is not bad enough we very rarely get chase anything in clear countryside with a flat horizon.