ASOS's Destroyed by Katrina and Other NWS Info

Jul 13, 2004
Sherman, IL
Hopefully this is being placed in the right area.

Information from the NWS Southern Region HQ (SRH) admin message from this morning indicates some observation site information:

* Bootheville (KBVE) and Pascagoula (KPQL) ASOS sites were destroyed by storm surge.

* Slidell LA (KASD) ASOS is OK, but not able to transmit. Efforts being made to transmit the observation via the SRH.

* No obs from both New Orleans ASOS sites (KMSY and KNEW). However, a "RAWS" weather station, normally used during temporary wildfire deployments, has been installed at KMSY. Observations available at:

* A similar RAWS station is being installed at Baton Rouge (not sure if it's at the airport) to assist with NOAA hazmat operations. Apparently there are some comms issues at KBTR.

* Comms or power outages continue to affect ASOS sites at McComb (KMCB), Hattiesburg (KHGB), Gulfport (KGPT) and Biloxi (KBIX). KBIX is currently taking manual observations. KGPT is only reporting altimeter setting, but is transmitting obs.

Other NWS news in the area:

* WFO Slidell only has enough hydrogen left for 8 balloon releases. Efforts being made to obtain more.

* Commercial power and data circuits restored at Slidell last night. They can receive incoming calls on land line, but no outgoing calls. They have several satellite phones and cell phones for communications.

* KLIX radar is operational. Efforts are being made to transmit its data via a satellite link to the SRH.

* KLCH radar is being disseminated to the Internet via an FTP link to the FAA. Data is not being routed onto NWS AWIPS circuits at this time.

Hadn't seen any recent updates on this, but some NOAA Weather Radio stations were still out; issues with security, accessibility, and gas shortages were causing problems in fully inspecting these sites.

Chris G.
For those who want to keep up-to-date on this, you can view the ADA message from the SRH (where Chris is getting his info I assume) at

Yes, that's the product, although I get it from a different location.

Chris G.