"Are You A Skywarn Spotter?" LOL!

I was bike riding in New York City, as I normally do on a Saturday. I got caught in a heavy thundershower. I was near Rockefeller Center, where WNBC-TV does the news, and Saturday Night Live. I took shelter in the doorway of a building. I had on a Skywarn T-shirt.

A man walked by and spotted me. He looked like the weather anchor for NBC. He asked me, "Are you a Skywarn Spotter?"

I laughed and said, "No, I'm just a fan of severe weather." :D

He walked off. The funny thing is that years ago, I went to a meeting for Skywarn Spotters held by the NOAA. It was fun. I did see a guy with a bright orange Skywarn shirt, and I said-I gotta get one of those. :shock:

The day the weather anchor saw me, I had the white shirt with the orange eye and the black twister in the center.

Pretty cool.

Originally posted by Aric Cylkowski
Neat story. I probably have a dozen or so similar stories.

If I had the time and money, I'd probably chase on occasion. I do take this very seriously, and I'd read up and prepare as much as I could.

While we do get strong thunderstorms, as well as severe ones fairly often, tornadic storms in the New York City area are very rare. We do get pretty damn close to getting them, sometimes. The Skywarn meeting I went to was fascinating, and they brought up lots of the stuff I've read on severe weather.

I'd like to get some more Skywarn shirts, if I can. Being a severe weather geek is cool. 8) :D

And of course, that's why I joined this BBS. :wink:
"If you shouldn't be out here
Then I don't want to see you
Not unless you know just what to dooooooo"

It looks like I have a new CD to burn. :lol: