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Archived Weather Radar Data?

Does anyone know of a good website to go to that has archived weather radar data. Don't need to go back too far, only to May 2004. Thanks
For national mosaics, try:
http://weather.unisys.com/archive/sfc_map/ (sorted by year/month)

For individual radar sites, get the raw Level III data (all the way back to 1992) from:
It may take hours for it to E-mail you the data, but this gives you just about every radar frame ever produced at its full NIDS resolution (truly amazing). Once you have the dataset, unzip and feed into Digital Atmosphere to view the individual files:
http://www.weathergraphics.com/da (30-day trial). There are also a few other packages out there that will view the Level III data.

The NCDC HAS server is usually down each evening. The best time to put in a data request seems to be before 00Z each night.

My guess is that this is when the archives are being updated each day. I could be wrong; if so, someone enlighten us.