Anyone on this storm?

Near Bismarck, ND on June 26, 2005.


Bet anyone who was was having a good day!
I believe at that time most were on the supercell near Aberdeen. Some broke off the Aberdeen supercell and tried to make the more north storms probably right after that timeframe.
A few Chasers were questioning to start with that area for a target and would of stayed but the river crossings were very few and far b/w. The expected speed was to be a bit faster than they were or if i remember right that supercell was a backbuilder making a slower progression to the river. The day after we heard that it had 16 tornado reports but I dont think that was true. But noting there were a few reports that did not make it in to the SPC LSR from that day. Scott Blair reported a tornado 7 SE of Ludden ND which is not in there and I saw that one as well.

But yeah the river was a worry to many.
I remember that day pretty well, as I was watching it on the RAD/SAT. Occording to a lot of people they though that the Aberdeen storm had more potential and was moving at a 'fairer' rate of speed, to chase....this is what I was told for a few chasers who I talked with.