Anti-Cyclonic Dust Devil?

Larry J. Kosch

First of all, Happy Memorial Day to you all.

Secondly, my wife Diane and dog Stanley and I were out for a walk at a local city park in Lincoln NE. We were walking by the lake enjoying the sunshine and feeling the light winds coming in from the east.

All at once, there was a brief gust of wind and we saw going out onto the calm waters of the lake a spinup on the water. I immediately recognized it as a "dust devil", but there were no dust, no debris associated with it. The water ripples clearly showed a circulation of the air above it.

What was even more amazing was the circulation was going CLOCKWISE :shock: !! It kept up its circulation until it went about 25 yards offshore where the waves of the lake broke up the circulation.

I figured the temps was rather cool early in the morning due to cloud cover. Then the sun came out and warmed up the grassy area east of the lake. The light wind from the east carried the dust devil from the warm grassy area onto the cool waters of the lake.

Which makes me wonder? Has anybody ever seen a anti-cyclonic dust devil? How is that different from the regular dust devils that we usually see??

Anyway it was really cool that we were there just at the right time to observe a weather phenomena. And nobody else in the crowds at the lake noticed the difference. Would have been something else if it was a huge F-0 size!! :shock: LJK
Dust devils generally aren't large enough nor do they last long enough for their spin to be governed by the Earth's rotation so it's not too uncommon to see anticyclonic dust devils. Most of the ones I've seen have been cyclonic, although I have seen quite a few anticyclonic ones as well.
I still run into folks who are absolutely convinced that toilet spin is dominated by the Coriolis effect, so the misperceptions about dust devils are not surprising and are no big deal.

Since dust devils are so small shouldn't it be split 50/50? Does anybody know if this is the case?

Regarding toilets. Please spread the word that the coriolis force has nothing to do with the way toilet water spins. It has to do with the way the little jets are pointed. Outside North America toilet water tends to just go straight down.
Dust devil

You would think that the cool water temp would have destroyed the "dust devil" as soon as it entered the water? Any thoughts?