Antennas: Revisited

Jun 20, 2004
Lafayette, IN
Yep, another thread about mobile antennas for a HAM setup. This year I am looking for a really small antenna for local repeaters and chases. I mostly want it for receiving NOAA weather updates on my HAM radio. I know by getting a small antenna it will suffer with range and such, so thats why I thought I would ask here. Anyone got any suggestions/experiences with a certain brand/model. I also would like it to be mag mount if possible. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I'd just go with an MFJ 1729 mag mount. It's a 5/8 wave on 2m, dual band antenna, costs $35, so when I smack it on my garage door, I don't have to cringe. It's shorter than other 5/8 wave though because it is coiled in the center. If something happens to it, oh well, it isn't my expensive comet antenna.