Another great Canon lens comparison website

Jun 21, 2004
Kearney, NE
I stumbled across this one. It's not easy to find via search engine, and it's not linked in many places:

Basically, this guy does a lot of real-world testing of lenses, pitting similar lenses against each other. He mainly focues on image quality (which is only one component of a lens), but it's very helpful when trying to decide what to buy.
I used to own the old 70-200 2.8EX lens. It was quite incredible -- very high quality. :) The 70-200 2.8EX DG lens is slightly better. However, I've heard the 70-200 2.8EX DG Macro (which is a new lens -- it's been redesigned from the lens that you saw tested) is good if you get a good copy, but there are some quality control issues at the Sigma plant with the new macro lens (plenty of people have been getting front or back focusing lenses or lenses that are just soft in general). I can definately vouch for the old Sigma non-macro, though.