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Another English tornado with image

There was another English tornado and this BBC article has a photo of the funnel. I haven't yet seen any video. Still, the BBC uses the annoying term, "mini tornado."

BBC article

At least somebody is seeing tornadoes.

Bill Hark
Interesting. Judging by the damage and eyewitness accounts, it sounds like an F0-- since the primary description of its effects is that it blew garbage around.
Mark, aren't Torro's ratings of tornado strengths different from the Fujita ratings? In otherwords, a Torro rating of T-1 is less intense than a Fujita rated F-1?
Thanks! Joel Ewing
I checked this, because I was curious, too. Their scale has 11 levels (T0-T10). A T1 equals a high-end F0 (so my estimate was right-- surprisingly enough! :p).

Check out this page on the Torro Intensity Scale: http://www.torro.org.uk/TORRO/severeweather/tscale.php. It links to a direct comparison between the Torro Intensity Scale and the Fujita Scale: http://www.torro.org.uk/TORRO/severeweather/Tscaleorigin.php.

You will notice that the historical discussion is quite critical of the Fujita Scale. Interesting stuff!