All-Wheel-Drive Storm Chase Vehicle with Instruments Sale

Apr 22, 2005
Dallas, TX
Well, unfortunately it has come to the point where I have, for a number of reasons, have to sell my Land Rover chase vehicle. Unfortunately, because of bills and other things, I am unable to keep my chase vehicle. I love this vehicle, and would keep it if I could. It has been my baby for the past 4 years. It runs perfect, and has been babyed. No dents in it except for one on the hood and one above the drivers door. Smaller than the size of a nickel. The land rover is a Silver 2002 Freelander S model. The vehicle is all time all-wheel-drive and has hill decent control, gear differential, etc. This vehicle has gotten me out of sticky situations a number of times. The vehicle only has 49K miles on it, and will come with a 3 year transferrable warranty. The vehicle gets 17MPG in the city and between 22-25MPG on the highway. I have done a good number of modding on the vehicle. The vehicle has a lift kit, front and rear brush guards which are great for hail, a Hella 500 fog lamp system and of course the weather station. I will be selling the weather station because next year with my future vehicle I will just run XM threat net, and I will have mobile internet as well as a miniture weather station. As far as what you will be getting with weather sensors, you will be getting:

RM Young Wind Sensor with display, DaqPod for data acquisition. This includes: Pressure, Dew point, Humidity, Temperature, Ham radio antenna, CB antenna, IC2100H ham radio, Radioshack CB/NOAA weather radio, Lighting / Strobe light beacon, Junction box, Side "alley" lights for viewing hail and other night uses, On-Board Live Chase Camera in an enclosed weather/hailproof housing on the roof.

I will also provide a hand-made laptop desk (not installed), and software to run the weather instruments on a computer (not provided).
To see more on the vehicle visit:

I will discuss pricing through email. Only serious inquiries please. If you have any questions feel free to ask on the forum. A couple pictures of what is for sale is below, more pictures available at the website above and by request..
Thanks for your interest,


The whole thing as a package.. If I am unable to sell it all as a package, then I will start breaking it up and selling everything individually