Alaskan tornado

There was a recent confirmed tornado in Alaska.

Unfortunately, there was no picture with the article. Hopefully one will turn up. Maybe the local NWS will put together a severe weather report with surface data etc. I vaguely remember a photo of an Alaskan tornado from Weatherwise in the 1980's.

EDIT: I later found this link with a photo. Maybe more photos or video will turn up.

If you get one of those stupid sign in forms, try this direct link to the image:

I also found that a google news search for "alaska tornado" will reveal the article and image even when a direct link causes the sign in form.

Bill Hark[/url]
I wonder whether it was a landfalling waterspout, as Sand Point is right on the coast. Either way, what a catch this was to photo or video. Once-in-a-lifetime event
Thanks, Bill for digging this up and providing the sign-on - free link.
I felt an eerie feeling up my spine looking at this crystal clear, dramatic photo and knowing that it is in Alaska.