Dec 8, 2003
Kansas City, Missouri
Just a quick note to let everyone know that the annual Douglas Co. Emergency Management Spotter Training held on the KU campus in Lawrence will be held this year on April 9. As we might expect, the folks with emergency management, Jay Antle and Mike Umscheid will have another top-notch lineup containing in-depth coverage of last year's major events and suggestions to be a more successful spotter or chaser. This year's presenters include:

-Mike Umscheid
-Jon Davies
-Chris Novy
-Bill Gargan

Additional information, including time, location and registration can be found at:

This is really something that no spotter or chaser in NE Kansas or NW Missouri can afford to miss ...
It's such a long drive I don't know if I will be able to make it. Also they are charging $5.00 to watch Mike Umscheid, Jon Davies, Chris Novy, and Bill Gargan who are some of the best out there? What a rip off!

Just Kidding. I guess I will have to make the five minute drive over to West Campus. It was a blast and was very interesting last year and I wouldn't expect anything else year. I hope to see lots of people there!

well, I'd love to go, but at the time its scheduled at, theres no way I can go due to
Advanced Storm Spotter training

I am aware of the advanced spotter training in Lawrence, but I was to believe there was to be 2 other advanced spotter classes some where in either Kansas, Oklahoma, or Nebraska in the next few weeks. Does anyone know the exact locations and times of these classes. I heard a rumor of Olathe, KS but no specifics.
Rich - I'm not aware of any other similar programs coming up in Kansas. There are various presentations in Texas and Oklahoma that go beyond the usual spotter training each year as well, but as yet I haven't heard of any in Olathe or the surrounding area. Douglas Co. EM sponsors this one each year and invites presenters that are meteorologists, chasers (or both), and media to offer their observations on the atmospheric setup during last year's major events - and helpful suggestions on chasing/spotting safely, ethically and efficiently.