Advanced Forecasting School / March 6 (Student Rate)

Dec 4, 2003
I may be doing a Forecasting School on March 6 in Norman, coincident with the National Severe Weather Workshop <>. This would be Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm and would cover intermediate to advanced chase forecast topics.

Jim LaDue has graciously allowed me use of his house for the class. He is an instructor at the Warning Decision Training Branch and will do some teaching, too. Being a friend of mine, he is helping strictly in an off-duty capacity and is not taking any money or compensation. He's a chaser too and loves what he does.

If you're interested in this educational opportunity drop me an E-mail or contact me at one of the addresses listed at <>.... there's only eight seats available. The fee is $65 to attend. A go-ahead decision will be made by Feb 15.

OK, the Norman March 6 forecasting class is a "go".

Details and online registration are available here:

The class format will differ from Denver in that students will help direct the format of the class and cover the items they want to delve into. Need advanced help with SKEW-Ts or storm-scale processes? No problem. Myself, Jim, and Daphne will cover the material in our particular areas of expertise.

There's two spots booked with six left right now. Maybe we'll see you there.

Tim Vasquez
This is a last-minute update that OU students and faculty will get a $35 rate for the class. Seats are still open and you can sign up as late as Saturday night. A great bargain for six hours of training, and this will be it as we don't have any more seminars scheduled this year except for the Ohio State course.