A Terrible Mistake

Oct 12, 2005
Little Elm Texas
I had no idea and knew nothing of Jeff Wear I have written a comment as a joke regarding an upside down tornado photograph I had no idea of the real meaning of what is now coming to light. It is with deepest sympathy and regret that I am writing this post I never had any intention of offending anyone and in my ignornace I wrote a joke without investigating the name on an avatar. Their is no way out for this kind of mistake and if you are reading this I am verry sorry. I will post nothing else and will withdraw my account from Stormtrak at the request of other chasers.

Regretfully Yours
David Brookshier

You made a mistake... And everybody will make mistakes. There is no need whatsoever to withdrawel your membership at StormTrack, and if there is anybody telling you to do so, just ignore them. If anybody harrases you, just contact a moderator.
David, it takes a true man to admit a mistake. I apologize if my words toward you were harsh. Certainly no reason to withdraw your membership from ST....
When I first seen the comment, I was shocked... But I knew that it was a mistake. I PM'd David to tell him about the situation and told him that he should probably delete the post (in hopes that no one else would read it), but I must have been too late...

I avoided the thread for several minutes, watching it fill up with posts and biting my nails at what could be going on within... So I chose to not look at it again...

Anyway, I am sure that most (more likely everyone) will forgive the simple mistake.
As someone who knew Jeff, I could probably guess that he's sitting somwhere reading this and snickering just a little bit.

David, mistakes happen; don't sweat it. :)

If you want to get to know the real Jeff Wear, go to this site:


I guarantee you'll spend a few hours laughing your @$$ off (BTW, I'm Swaggerty.) ;-)

And Jeff, we still miss you bro. Hope the chasing is good where you are.


Definitely do not let an honest mistake run you off. I'm sure you received plenty of nasty messages, but most of those were probably from people who often think before they type or talk. While that is unfortunate, you certainly shouldn't let the comments from those people force you away from the ST site.

Anyway, I am sure that most (more likely everyone) will forgive the simple mistake.

So true, just give it some time.

Unfortunately or not, I haven't decided yet, I probably didn't see any other shots at me (besides Chris from Mizzou's comment) for my lynch mob reference. I stand by that comment 100%. It's unfortunate that there are people on this board who can't help but pounce all over anyone who makes a controversial comment, or in this case an honest mistake, and then try to pretend they had nothing to do with it just to save face.

I agree that it takes a big person to admit a mistake. And that, David, is where you stand well above a couple of those who have replied above as well as those who immediately alienated you on the previous post.
Of course your apology is accepted and I'm sorry you found out about Jeff in this way. But - perhaps now you can understand why it was such a touchy subject. I don't really think that any of us are over what happened, yet.......it wasn't that long ago.

God bless you, Jeff.