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Pleased to announce the release of A Perfect Spinning Circus. This video covers my most-interesting chases from 2000-2002. Circus features many obscure events that haven't received a lot of coverage, as well as some very notable events:

May 16, 2000 Dwyer, WY tornadoes
October 9, 2001 Berlin/Foss Lake, OK tornadoes
May 5, 2002 Happy/Wayside, TX tornadoes

I imagine most of you have been burned on out chase videos for a while, but for anyone who's interested you can order here:

" A Perfect Spinning Circus" is a testimony to Shane's enthusiasm and dedication to storm chasing. From amazing RFD video to close-up multiple vortex action, you will feel every emotion of chasing possible as you ride the roads with Shane and Company.

Travel with Shane on hail-slick roads as the temperatures plummet and the lightning strobes. Move with Shane as they try to outpace a tornado near Happy, Texas. How close do they come? Watch the video to find out!

Twists, Turns and vortex action abound in this production. A serious buy for the serious chaser, you won't be bored with this video.

Buy it today.
CIRCUS is only $14.95 on ebay through the end of the month. Simply enter "tornado videos" on your search window.