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A New Record

Corvallis Oregon is currently at 103F, breaking the old record of 102F set back in 1928. We should break the record of 101 tomorrow as well. Really warm for the NW corner of Oregon, where all time records are around 108. :angryfire:
Thanks for the report. It's always good to hear reports of unusual weather beyond the usual storm reports.

I sorely miss the National Weather Summary that NSSFC/SPC used to do. What AccuWeather offers seems to be the next best thing, but they are often short and trite.
I know that a lot of people in the Seattle area don't have air conditioning. I can't imagine living without it.

Are there any folks who don't have A/C?

Do you want to shoot yourself during a heat wave? :)

Alot of homes up in the NW do not have a/c. I lived in a couple..... :shock:
Some just use a window unit. Most mobile homes have central air but the regular stick built, usually don't. At least in the areas I lived in, and I lived in a few up there. :wink:
My grandparents house in Vallejo CA has never had AC....most of the time they don't need it being just a few miles from the cool waters and breezes of the San Pablo Bay. But a few times a year the wind would come down the slopes of the hills just to the north and send temps well over 100F during the day...and sometimes keep them from dropping below 80F at night. When that happened my grandfather would go out back, sit down in a lawn chair, and douse himself with the garden hose for about 30 minutes or so.
Temps topped out at 104F today, and right now, its 10:15pm and still 82F - its going to be a really warm night.

Our heat waves are triggered by compression heating - heat low builds out of california into Western Oregon, starting off the coast, and pull already hot air out of the interior. East of the Cascades, the elevation averages about 4000 ft, so that air comes through the passes and compresses as it sinks into the valleys as it is pulled towards the heat low.


Tomorrow, cooler NW air should start to filter in as the heat low begins shifting east of the Cascades. We won't break 100 most likely. But east of the Cascades, they can easily break 110 in this pattern in some areas. By Monday, we should be back close to the normal 82 or so.

Remember, most of Oregon is desert or semi-arid, so we turn into an outpost of the interior sw here in the normally damper and cooler NW corner. We can go 40 to 60 days or more in a row without measurable precip during July-October. Kinda makes up for the fact that it can rain (at .1 to .5 inches a day on average) for 20 days in a row during the winter in my little corner of the state.
Here's a spin-off form your record..

On the 24th (Saturday), we set a couple records for the date here in Denver..

The new record low for the date was beaten; we sank to 49

Also, the new record low high temp was also beaten; we only made it to 58.

This a far cry from last year.. on July 24, 2003, we set a new record high of 100. What a difference a year makes, eh! 8)

My first vehicle purchased was one from Washington State. It did not have AC as you don't really need it up there much. We had a few days but they weren't enough for me to want to trade.

Then I moved to NC.

I couldn't even wear make-up - hehe
Depends on what side of Washington State you are - like Oregon, Eastern Washington is pretty arid and hot in the summer.

O, be careful if you ever buy a used car from Hawaii. Those cars seldom come with heaters :lol:

I was at Ft Lewis next to Tacoma, Tillicum and Stillicum
On a totally different side, Omaha broke their record low last night of 52 degrees. I remember hearing about it on the news, however, I forgot the official temperature. :)

EDIT: I can't spell :)
Lots of records broken in WA and OR the last couple days. Visiting stepson's grandma calls from Vancouver, Wa 2 days ago. It is 102 and she swears the humidity is killing her. Looking this up, they were at 18%. Hmm, same time here was 99 and humidity was at 55%. The kid calls grandma back and tells her to "get real". Hehehe. Temp at my parents house in Moses Lake Saturday, 104. Mom calls to say Dad is trying to turn off the window a/c unit because he thinks it is only 80 outside and it is a waste of power. That unit is their only a/c in the entire house. And then he asks her if her blood pressure is up because she is starting to sweat. Me thinks if she could have reached him, it would have been a serious injury. :D He had spent the afternoon in the very air conditioned comfort of a local sports bar watching the ponies and he was still cold (he had just gotten home) I think. Otherwise, he was just asking for a beating. :wink: