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A&E program

William Combes

There is a program on right now 7:00 CT on weather anomalies. The guy from http://www.weatherwars.info/ is on and he is spewing all kinds of crazy stuff. He said man caused hurricane Katrina and that it may have been the Japanese Mafia that stole secrets from the KGB.....This is worse than Category 7!!!!
This actually was a very good program. I applaud A&E for really doing their homework, exploring theological, conspiracal and natural theories about why the weather has seemed to have spiraled out of control lately. Even though part of the show was devoted to our favorite nutcase "Help- the-(insert preferred political/country/criminal group)-is-controlling-the-weather!" weatherman Scott Stevens, he, as always, proved to be fascinating and is hysterically convinced that the Yakuza and or the Russians/U.S. Government set up electrical grids and supercharged Katrina to drown New Orleans for various purposes. I love his little "lines and shapes that do not occur in nature" theory; I find that it is amusing to no end. :D
Overall, I thought it was exceptionally well written and explored some interesting, thought provoking territory concerning the various reasons humanity believes is causing the wild weather as well as the core issue, which is humanity's never ending infatuation with the weather.
It's worth watching for many reasons, but watching Weather Conspiracy Stevens was really the icing on the cake. :D