A Boatload of Nikon Equipment for Sale!!!!

Tim Samaras

Dec 16, 2003

This is my first move to all digital this year...selling off ALL of my film cameras and lenses!! For all of you film lovers out there, here is your chance to scoop up some rather expensive camera equipment for less than what you can buy it on EBAY!!! My preference is to sell the whole shootin' match, and I will give preference to those who are interested. Email me if you want a "group picture" of everything. I'd post the picture here..I just don't know how.

• Nikon F4s, Excellent condition, has F5 cap over the lens opening, complete with box, instruction booklet, original packing. ($425)

• Nikon F3HP, Good condition, some silver showing on back, works perfectly, MD-4 works great, some brass showing on back, comes with Access 35-70 Macro lens. Lens is actually pretty decent…GREAT kick-around glass (Whatever that means!). Poor photocopy of instruction booklet for F3HP included. This camera is like a tank. ($375)

• Nikon SB-25 Strobe, Excellent condition, comes with box, instruction booklet. ($85)

• Nikon 80-200 f2.8ED lens with HN-28 Hood. Excellent condition, has UV filter on 100% of time, original box, packing (I have the case..somewhere!). Fantastic piece of glass. ($600)

• Nikon 35-70 f2.8 lens with HB-1 Hood. Excellent condition has UV filter on 100% of time. Original box, packing (I have the cases..somewhere!). Good stormchasing lens! ($350)

• Nikon 24 mm f2.8 Excellent condition. Original box/packing. My favorite lens for supercells when I’m too close! ($225)

• Nikon (Nikkor-S) 50 mm lens f1.4. Manual focus. Good condition, some signs of wear. Excellent tornado lens. ($50)

• Nikon (Nikkor) 50 mm lens f1.8. Manual focus. Excellent condition, good small lens! ($50)

• Nikon (Nikkor-O) 35 mm lens f2.0 Manual focus. Good ‘ol trusty wide angle for older Nikon cameras. ($75)

• Nikon SC-17 flash extension cable. ($20)

My prices are in parenthesis. These prices are gathered by looking around on Ebay, minus 15-20% of what I thought a comparable product in similar condition. If you are interested in the whole batch, I would take another 10% off on the sum of the prices. ($2,000) I will be unavailable the first full week of January, and when I return, I’ll look into getting these sold on the public market if there is no interest in the storm chasing community.

I also have this little goody for sale (NOT included with package price!!!):

• Nikon D70 with 18-70 lens. Brand new in box with warranty card, all included accessories, and an extra battery. Only used for a few months, probably only 300 clicks on the shutter. MAKE OFFER!!!

The above will clean me out with the exception of my Mamiya RB-67 with two lenses 120 film back and pentaprism. Haven't decided on this one yet, but if you're interested, email me and we'll talk.

Some will ask: Hey Tim!!! Why in the hell are you selling your D70 camera????

I'll let someone actually ask that, and I'll provide an answer on this forum.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!!!

Tim Samaras
---ex film camera user 8)
Well, if ya really want to know...

1: I think Canon RULES the WORLD when it comes to digital SLR photo equipment. I had the chance to borrow a Canon 10D last spring, and I loved it. I purchased the D70 because I had all that Nikon glass, and was dissapointed in the results as compared to the 10D. Now, I used the kit lens that came with it, but I didn't like the color balance, and the lighting/focus was a bit soft. Sometimes I thought the color balance was off when the camera was running in "stupid mode" (The lil' green camera thing). Perhaps there is a software fix out there for this...but I didn't like it. I don't think there is anything wrong with the camera..it's just being a "Nikon". Perhaps putting on a piece of quality glass would fix the problem. Don't get me wrong...they make GREAT film cameras. I used my F3/4 with terrific results.

2: Nikon is ALWAYS playing catchup to Canon in the digital world. Currently, Canon is a step or two ahead of Nikon with all of their DSLR products. Heck with them...I'm changing over.

I probably just killed off any chance of selling this D70 camera on the forum, but for those who know me..I'm brutally honest about anything I use or even sell. If I don't like it..I usually have a rather strong opinion about it. Canon video on the other hand....is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! I would NEVER own a GL2/XL2. Please don't get me started there..or else this thread will launch in a different direction. Let's just say I tried an XL-1, and after reviewing some tornado footage I captured with it..I wanted to smash the friggen' thing into a kazillion pieces. The damn lens focuses PAST INFINITY!! That's not the only problem with it...believe me..there is lots more. Bunch of bone-headed designers......

That's the way it is...

Happy Holidays,

The Nikon F4s and the 35 mm lens just sold. I will be putting up the balance of the stuff on Ebay within a week or so.


OK...another boring update...

The 50 mm lens has just sold...and it appears that my daughter is taking a photography class in college, so I'm loaning her my F-3/MD-4...so that, too is off the market.

I still have my f2.8 zooms!