9/24/05 REPORTS: Central Plains

Mike Hollingshead



This was a really fun chase. Caught a nice supercell near Bartlett NE today along with Steve Peterson and Mike Thomas. The rfd encounter with this was pretty intense with half the cornfield going airborne around us(or what Steve 'coined' as corn-nadoes). The rfd was over 60mph(best guessing) and was a good long duration one. It was breaking decent sized branches(I about ran one over at 50-60). More pics and words later...it is late.
Well me being dumb butt , i should of headed to Oneil first but went into Decatur NE, Onawa Ia exit then headed west on 32 intercepeted s supercell at night looked like crap at first then it got better organized had a nice wall cloud but id jsut couldnt produce, anyways fun chase in all considering my window gave me a black eye DONT ASK ! .lol got sutck in a dith trying to turn around while the storm was approaching, i guess there was golfball sized hail a few miles in ro out of Boone County NE... bring on the moisture from RITA maybe some more chases ... this season anyways ill psot pics tommorow good night" 8)
Well i thought it was gonna be a good show, but once the 2 hrs of daylight hit, i was in BUST ATTITUDE mode ... 3 busts in a row i was thinking anyways didnt expect anything but i headed on Hwy77 North to Winnebago NE, then saw the CU field develop , and it was then i decided ok ill go to Onawa IA/Decatur NE, i get a call from my buddy mark saying storms were going near the Oneil Area, now from my view looking west i saw SUN... i couldnt see any storms, till i started driving on 51 to Norfolk.. i could see the lighting flickers and what appeared to be a Supercell, so i topped the tank off , headed south on Hwy 81 to Hwy 32 West and drove west , i was basically in bewteen Madison and Petersburg... it was intresting to watch.. Considering i managed to smack my face into my window which was half way rolled up, and pretty much giving myslef a black eye, and getting the truck caught on gravel piles in thsi ditch i had stressed myself out, :roll: but i got out and headed home( but this storm died quick i wish i could of had some daylight left to get pictures, so here are 3 NIGHT SHOT Vid Cap's.. i did mention a wall cloud in previous post, i was looking at something else .. no wall cloud was seen sorry...




other pics can be found at www.stormchaserdan.com[/img]