9/15/2006 Fire Weather Report: ON

Better late posting this than never.

I flew up to Thunder Bay, Ontario which is north of Lake Superior to chase the wildfires that were expected to blow up due to hot, dry weather and persistent strong winds. I was NOT dissapointed.

I spent three days there, documenting the fire fighters, water bombers and the high point - a controlled burn. It was one of the most spectacular things I'd ever seen.

I was in a helicopter with the side doors removed, flying just above the treetops while filming a second helicopter that was outfitted with a drip torch that drops globs of flaming, gelled aviation fuel (basically napalm).

Behind the chopper was a 200 foot high wall of flames. The heat was so strong that my camera got warm to the touch, even inside the helicopter. It felt like a scene from Apocalypse Now. Incredible.
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-George Kourounis