8/23/04 REPORTS: Plains

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I went ahead and headed south to Atchison, Kansas to shoot some lightning coming out of the tornado warned cell near Lawrence. Got some very cool spider-vein lightning spreading across the entire sky. In the meantime, a high funnel formed out of the backside of a cell just to the north of the tor-warned cell near Atchison. The funnel lasted for around 15 minutes! - Very neat-looking across the sunset. The video is blurred because of the low-light conditions ... but can still make it out. Will have some photos up sometime later.

The tornado warned cell continues to move to the east and now Johnson County, Kansas (southern KC) is under a warning. Will be interested to see if it can hold together. The Chiefs game on Monday Night Football has me worried about people on the roads after the game.

Gorgeous sunset too! - Can't wait to work on the photos ... nice rainshafts, beautiful rainbow ... tonight ended up being really interesting!
Here are a few vid caps ... will have some much better stills up later when I get time. Sorry the quality of the funnel shot is so bad ... couldn't be helped at the time ...




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