8/12/05 FCST: High Plains

Looks like the CO/NE/WY borders could see a little action on Friday. It has been along time since SPC has put out a slight risk down into the Denver area. Starting a talk thread for anyone heading out for a little hail and high wind action. :)

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I just briefly looked things over and I am not too excited with what I see. There is decent bulk shear (30-35 kts) near the CO/WY border, but a large swath of low-lying stratus and fog will keep temperatures below the expected highs and limit CAPE potential.

I am more excited about the potential tomorrow along the CO plains. The days after frontal passages always seem better around here with strong upslope flow. Burlington looks to be a nice target with strong sfc upslope flow and 35-40 kts out of the west at 500 mb creating a nice shear profile. 12z NAM is forecasting 1500 J/kg CAPE as well, so I would expect some nice hailers at the very least tomorrow. Lower temps will keep the LCLs within tornadic potential the further east you go.