$750 off $1499 Inspiron Laptops Starting Tomorrow (Wed.)

Todd Beal

Mar 10, 2005
Corpus Christi, TX

Hey guys! With the chase season upcoming, thought some of you may be interested in this.

Edit: I may have made a mistake in posting this here. Since I am not directly selling anything, thats why I put it in here. Guess this could go in marketplace, though. I have no affiliation with Dell or that website. Sorry if I broke the rule, move if necessary.
Sounds like a good deal. I heard somebody say that one of the best times to buy a new computer is in the summer, in the back to school timeframe. That's when all the new college kids are buying their laptops. There are some great deals then, doesn't really help for chasing season though.
Dell has been running some VERY good deals lately. Heck, there was a short period a couple of months ago when they were running 50% all Inspiron desktops. I've seen a 40% off discount in the past few weeks, along with several 30% off-ers. Keep on an eye on discount sites (www.xpbargains.com , www.supercoupon.com , and the like)...
I got on too late, they must have sold the 10000 laptops already. :x
How do you even use the coupons there?

On whatever website is offering the coupon you spend the amount listed(if there is an amount ex. $1499 for Dell laptop). Spend $1499 on a laptop, add it to your cart and you will see something like "Input coupon here" etc. Insert that long coupon code, apply it and it should be done. Then....enjoy! :)