7/30/06 NOW: Great Lakes


Mar 1, 2004
Lansing, MI
The joy of models in this sort of pattern ;>

Very nice MCS doing its thing across northern / eastern Wisconsin this morning, looks like it's been elevated so far which has helped reduce the amount of wind damage reports. But as it moves into a more favorable / surface-based airmass I think things could continue. It probably "should" weaken, but no signs of that happening yet and I'm on the line as to how far east it'll influence before dying out.

GRR says it'll go to 127 across the center of MI, DTX says all dry east of 127 so it'll be close!

BTW check the latest "When Good Polygons Go Bad" at http://radioweather.us/grb.png -- it's amazing all the areas that are going to miss the storm along that line ;>
Getting into some very high CAPE air across MI but not seeing any response in the intensity, a few wind damage reports just northwest of GRR but nothing major.

Lightning starting to come down (another good trend for now as 40000+ people are filling the stands at MIS just southeast of JXN for the Indy 400!)