7/26/05 REPORTS: MI, OH, PA, IL, IN and surrounding states

Interesting day for our area yesterday. Surely some other folks got out and chased.

WIth the cold front swinging down and intense heating early afternoon for much of the area combined with plenty of moisture it was a good setup for "something" to happen.

Leaving Columbus OH while the first warning or perhaps it was still a MD was in place for MI/IN we chose to target the NW corner of OH. Checking the local AFD's and HWO all I noticed was that the forecasters seemed to be thinking more about the Heat Index and less about severe. The last few days seemed to offer plenty of surprises and the models seemed to be off in terms of timing and placement of events so picking a target was dificult. The /exper/mesoanalysis/ page of the spc site pointed towards NW OH in many ways so of we went. Td was good, LCL was good.

Cu clouds were going up in "cloud streets" aligned from the SW to NE. Once firing the storms would head generally E or perhaps NE. They were moving at between 25 and 35 mph so they were chaseable but allowed no room for letting them get past you.

We passed under one "cloud street" and almost regretted it as the storms looked pretty strong. Still early though and we wanted to try and stick to our target and get closer to the cold front to the north. Passing under our second "cloud street" we stopped and watched a few of the storms and checked for data. By then we were near Kenton OH in Hardin county. Target was Findlay so we headed North. Paused for a nicely developing storm that exhibited nice inflow, some rotation but was not intense. It built nicely but we let it pass to our east. Heading back out on the highway we heard the crackle of the NWS warning on the radio and the storm we were just under got a severe warning. We chose not to chase a storm 20 miles away that was moving away from us and instead got under the not yet to be warned stroms to our west.

We found ourselves to be in the right place at the right time as at least three distinct cells in our imediate vicinity got severe warnings. Nice supercells for OH. We got in position on two of them. Nothing really happened. The cells reached a certain strength just this side of intense and then weakened.

By about 7:30 PM we started heading home and got something to eat. Checked data one more time just out of curiosity. The cells we had been under had triggered a tornado warning in the Akron OH area and storms in IN and IL were tornado warned. The radar showed three collections of cells. One to our South, one in Akron and one in IN. Our was still building so we raced to get under the storms at Marion OH.

We saw some nice supercells, some intense rain, some minor rotation but all in all a decent chase within one state.

Tom Hanlon

I didn't even chase yesterday, but here is what I got:

After just a few minuites of taking my eye of the radar, I started to hear thunder outside - then I refreshed the Warnings, and a SVR was issued for my backyard. I quickly opened the door, went outside under the canopy, and 1"INCH hail started to fall. It only lasted for about a minuite... But it was fun feeling a storm again, after being stormless for a whole month.
:evil: :evil: :evil: GRRRR!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

Yesterday = Can burn in.....

So, yesterday was my dad's bday, so we had plans to eat with the entire family at a nice italian place. Well, wouldnt you know it, this is when mother nature would throw me a curveball.

Got to the restaurant around 7 PM, just as the storm overtook us in town. Soon enough, the sirens began sounding. Thats when I heard the report that a tornado had just touched down right on the outside part of Urbana...maybe 5 miles from me. To make things even worse...the tornado touched down on the same road I was driving down not 15 minutes earlier.

Filmed a little from the doorway to the place with the high winds and sirens sounding...but in the year that I cant buy a break from mother nature...it just seems like it couldnt get any worse when I cant even see the tornadoes that are hitting my own town.

:evil: This year needs to end, now.
Arrived at my target of Danville, IL on the IN/IL border around 2:30. I watched turkey towers to the south and east and contemplated heading further east into IN. I stayed put until around 5 and then started making my way home figuring I had busted. The scanner picks up a tornado warning to my northeast in Iroquois county, so I figured I might as well give it a shot. Looking at my miniature radar on my phone it was obvious this was going to be a squall line garbage fest and I was right. By dumb luck I positioned myself into the path of the tornado-warned section of the line near Crescent City, IL and waited. I stayed out as long as I could and observed crazy storm motion with almost stationary low-level clouds and scuds moving backwards against the storm motion. Strong rotation was noted several times and once directly above me! I was forced to take cover in a gas station as the precip and winds near 70mph rolled me. Myself and the patrons of the gas station contemplated where we would take shelter if indeed a tornado was headed our way, very scary needless to say. Tornado warning continued and was reissued at this time. I was not about to drive back through the meat of this line again to continue the chase, so I headed home around 7:15. A funnel cloud was reported 15 min later in IN and a tornado spotted just west of my original target, oh well. Chasing squall lines is very tough and almost impossible to be in good postion to see anything. With no way of knowing where a tornado will form in the line and having almost no escape, this is not something I will do very often.

Pictures of lines also suck. Here are some links to the pics.
Stitch of first shelf to roll in:

Stitch of second shelf to the southwest:

Rotation overhead!

Time to move, quick!

The rest: http://photobucket.com/albums/y211/BLeitschuh/7-26-05/