There have been a number of photogenic tornadoes reported from North Dakota along with some severe storms in Texas. Please submit your reports here.

The big story accross North Texas was the rain! Up to 10 inches reported near the Jacksboro area and major flooding reported in Tarrant county. Also Denton Cooke 7 Wise along with other counties had flash flood warnings. Rain fell for as mcuh as 12 hours accross these areas. A tornado warning was issued for Denton county and also reports of funnels in adn around the DFW area. This may have been from cold air funnels associated with the upper level low. I talked with a friend in Denton and she reports no damage or actual sitings of any tornadoes.
Here in Wichita falls lightning filled the sky for the entire night. Severe thuderstorm warnings were issued for Wichita Clay Jefferson Cotton 7 Stephens counties. Winds to 60 mph were reported along with hail to golfballs accross the downtown Wichita Falls area. My chase partner Jeff Papapk got a few hail dents from half dollar size hail on Kemp Blvd. The storm had some decent structure as well as a possible wall cloud and some amazing ligthning. I was able to grab some nice ligthnign shots that ill post later at http://www.texhomastormchasers.com