6/27/04 REPORTS: Colorado

Deja vu! Didn't we do this yesterday? Hehehe.. yes, more people tried to make it through flooded roads, but again, to no avail.. this time, shift the scene about a mile west; Ken Caryl and C-470; several drainage ditches combined to make one giant river and a big mess in the Ken Caryl area this afternoon. :shock: Again, several cars didn't make it and wound up canidates for Round 2 of Littleton Flooding on TWC! Although no one was caught hanging out of there cars this time, I did shoot a couple kids pushing what was probably their mom's car out of the flood. :lol: When you gonna learn.. DON'T DO THAT! :roll:

Anywoo, I'm going to try and get some pics posted from today's mess as well as a brief log on yesterday's flood fiasco.. couple of fun rainy days in Denver.. :D