6/23/06 REPORTS: NE

Brian Press

Well, it's late and I am beat. My brother and I few into colorado Springs Wednesday for a 3 day chase. Today (our last day) we found ourselves way up in NW NE. We watched as one very good looking storm pooped out on us near Scottsbluff. It was a nice looking LP with a great little base going then all of a suden poof. Gone! This was taken just north of Scottbluff around 4pm.

Soon after the storm died, we met up with Rodger Hill and his crew and began to watch this second LP which was somewhere between Mitchell and Harrison. This thing really looked like it was getting it's act together. It had a circular base and it was slightly rotating. The towers going up into it were just exploding for a short time. There was a nice RFD that came down and we thought for a moment or two something might happen. It seemed as if the RFD was just too much for this little storm to handle and then it started to fizzle as well.

After this pooped out we decided to go after the big blob of storms coming down from SD. We interepted this amazing line near Harrison. It was incredible. The colors were amazing. It looked surreal. There were the craziest cloud formations. It was all curvey and crazy looking. This was my first attempt at a photo stich. It came out pretty good. This is three photos stiched together.

Sorry about the low quality photos but my site is down for some reason and I havent had time to get it up so I posted them the the ST server. Thanks ST.

We called it a day after hanging with the shelf for a while and made a long treck back to Colorado Springs for our 12 noon departure. All in all, 1400 miles in 3 days. Good stuff. Be back next year.