6/20 Lightning Images

All of these images were taken of the storms currently moving across northern Iowa once again.


It isn't to bad Susan, at least up here in northwestern Iowa. We have pretty flat land which will let you see storms from quite a ways away, I know I've been able to see lightning from storms well over 50 miles away...

As long as you can get a nightime MCS, which can happen quite often, then there is some good opportunities out there.
Susan - for some reason I think of Iowa as being one big lightning magnet. Missouri is kind of the same way ... but just seems like some of the most interesting lightning I can remember was as I was going through Iowa. People around here who have lived up there make the same comments about it as well. Probably owed to the fact that as storms initiate further west, then move east and become linear or MCS, lightning activity tends to escalate.