6/17 NOW: CO/KS/TX/OK et al

Monster HP ongoing in the central TX panhandle at the time... VILS have been peaking around 80 for this storm, as well as for another storm in the se TX PH. Otherwise, storms near Pueblo in se CO are nice in appearance also... Discuss away....

The Borger cell looks nice on radar...but it looks to be more rain wrapped now. It had very nice inbound velocities a short while ago.

There are now three supercells in Colorado...one south of Limon, and two side by side between La Junta and Lamar. Good velocities on all of them, especially on the easternmost supercell. I would expect tornadoes will form...especially with the cell closest to Lamar. It is moving into 0-1 km SRH of 150 m2/s2 and much higher CAPE.

Quite a day, considering the slight risk!

Do a loop on the Fredrick 248nmi radar and watch all the hail spikes popping in and out. Pretty impressive, esp the 6:44 scan!
Since there isnt a report thread started yet I will post here for now. Just got in from the Borger storm. 2 tornadoes and a ton of rain from this storm. Kanani and I came through the storm in Stinnett when it produced a small funnel but then the outflow undercut it and it died. We then dropped south and sat up just North of borger when the sirens started going off. It again produced a small funnel and then Kanani noticed a nice debris swirl that lasted for about 30 seconds. This storm was very slow moving and was becoming a serious HP. We worked our way SE and then took a small road north that cut back into the storm. We were still driving north when about 5 miles NE of borger a nice white cone became visible through the rainwrap about 2 miles east of us( have no idea how long it had been down). The contrast was terrible but it was a nice tornado that lasted another minute or so before we had to drop south again before it hit us. The road network was against us the rest of the night and we finally gave up on trying to get back east of the inflow area. Fun chase but damage reported in Stinnett from a tornado or RFD and a ton of flooding. A number of water rescues and rainfall estimates of 9" in 3 hrs. Also some damage reported on the north side of Borger from RFD winds.