5/5/06 DISC: TX / NM

Local spotters reported a tornado touched down on Franklin Ave. in Waco about 12:45 this morning doing widespread damage. A Coca-Cola bottling company was heavily damaged, and a large part of the area is still without power. I wasn't able to get out yesterday due to the wife being out of town, leaving me with the kids. The storm passed about 25 miles south of my location. Although there were no official reports of a tornado, by looking at the damage this morning on the news I would have to say there was.

My own questions about this storm were answered yesterday, with the NWS saying officially that an F-2 tornado hit in Waco, with a damage path of 2.6 miles and 150 yards wide. Late Friday night 2 distinct supercells developed rapidly in Central Texas, forming just south of the front and moving east into the area. Once the Waco supercell passed through the south end of the city, it quickly dissipated.