5/5/04 RPTS: FL KEYS

Major Waterspout Outbreak - Key West FL 5/5/04
Wednesday May 5, 2004
Video/Photo(s) By: Jim Edds -- Extremestorms.com Video Feed By: Breaking News Video Network

At least 10 waterspouts were sighted Wednesday afternoon in the Lower Florida Keys including approximately 1-2 miles north of Key West, and 1-8 miles West of Key West.

Complete and partial funnels were filmed from a Cessna 182 orbiting the waterspouts. Close-up fly-bys of the water spray ring were also filmed. The Waterspouts were moving to the west and you can see the straight line track in the wake of the spray ring vortex.

video is about 2 minutes long. All told there were probably15-20 water sprayrings observed from the air. Numerous Special Marine Warnings were posted by the Key West National Weather Service Office in Key West. A 15-20 mph NE wind helped a cumulus line develop over the Florida Keys. As late afternoon heating reached a maximum waterspouts formed just offshore of the lower keys and key west.

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Jeff Gammons